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The name is
Inspector Maximum I said as I met eyes with the uniformed gentleman at the door
He stepped aside, lifted the yellow and black tape and let in me because he knew who I was and what I was there for
I walked down the stairs past several disturbing erotic paintings Into the thick red mist below
As I reached the end of my decent and walked out into the dimly lit room I caught the end of the show

Her skin was as pale as a sheet
Body still as the stagnant air
Gazing down my eyes did meet
The teeth marks beneath her hair

She had been drained like a carton of juice
By an undead criminal from space
The vampire I feared the most
And his name was zz

I took a look around the damp dank cellar and realised this must be where the devil calls his home
On the wall a dusty old space cape and in the corner of the room what I assumed to be a pile of bones
That was until the bones started moving and expanding in a terrifying mess of limbs feet and hands
and before I could even conceive what was happening the pale shape in the dark rose to form what resembled a man.

His skin was as pale as a sheet
Oil black eyes fixed on mine
The monster bared his teeth
Oh what pearly white canines

In a flash he was at the stairs
And in another I met him there
With a swift right hook to the jaw
He escaped me.

He will always be there
out of sight of me
As I am sleeping unaware
It is him intruding on my reality
The shadow in the shadows
The caped hunter in the night
I must leave this path so straight so narrow
I must leave the light

To find him, I must leave the light
To find him, I must leave the light
To find him, I must leave the light


from Space Vampire, released December 13, 2013
Bass Guitar: Fraser Sharp
Vocals and Lyrics: Calum Potter
Additional Vocals: THE HAMMER
Drums: Ross Duffy
Lead Guitar: Ewan Rayner
Rhythm Guitar: Calum Potter



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Frankly Maximum Dundee, UK

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